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we make websites with sales funnels that converts.

Your website is useless if it doesn’t help you convert visitors to leads. We build websites with sales funnels that will guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don’t get confused and leave your website). Point your customer straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem.

we implement sales CRM & pipeline management.

We are an expert partner of Pipedrive CRM, a weapon of choice for sales people around the globe. We know how hard sales can be and leads are precious as gold. By using a CRM software you'll know what leads to work on, not let any of them fall through the cracks, win them as customers and keep them as your customers for life.

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about us.

how it started?​

Both equipped with decades of web development experience and years of one-to-one sales experience, Randall Peña and Ghamay Pepito crossed path in a co-working space south of Metro Manila. They discovered a common passion in building beautiful sales funnels and the discipline of the sales profession. 

This common passion led them to team up and combine their strengths in sales and technology. They saw a gap in the website service provider market. Most of the website just stands there as an online resume, doing nothing to convert site visitors into leads, leads to customers and customers to raving fans. So Randall and Ghamay decided to build an agency that focuses on conversion and customer retention. The result is Southside Studio.

owner / solutions architect


A missionary by heart. Working as a Website Designer and Developer for 10+ years, a WordPress Expert and Computer Engineer by profession. He has an analytical eye for details and fun of clean, modern, and simple design. He always listens to his clients and seeks solutions at hand before he manages the task of his team. Fun to converse with and always open to help others who are in need.

partner / crm expert


Web technology is in the fabric of his DNA. After working for 12 years in the fast paced world of information technology, he ventured in real estate sales and became obsessed in fusing technology and the discipline of sales profession to stand out from the cut throat competition in real estate selling. He discovered his passion in helping sales people and entrepreneurs adapt technology in their day to day activities. You can consider him as a bridge between the timeless sales practices and modern day sales productivity tools.  


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